Siemens Tia Portal Unified Comfort Panel Simulation on Web Browser — Configuration

You can simulate your HMI Unified Comfort Panel on Web Browser such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. This feature can be used with following HMI Unified Comfort Panels.

MTP700 Comfort
MTP1000 Comfort
MTP1200 Comfort
MTP1500 Comfort
MTP1900 Comfort
MTP2200 Comfort

If you directly click “Start Simulation” within your HMI screen, the simulation will not start automatically.

There are some configurations that need to be done!

  1. Create New Certificate

Open “WinCC Unified Configuration” software which should have already installed in your computer.

Select “Create a new certificate” and let the name as it is if it is not necessary for you and click “Next”

Let the settings as it is and “Accept” all setting and wait for installation of the certificate and “Close” the certification setup.

2. Load Preview Setting

To start the simulation automatically on web browser,
go to “Options > Settings” and under “Simulation > HMI Simulation”,
uncheck “Show Load Preview dialog during download to simulation”

3. Click Start Simulation within your HMI or Screen.

Your project has been complied successfully and you see the Runtime Screen of your HMI on web browser. It will ask user information.

To check if your Simulation works properly in the background. Open “SIMATIC Runtime Management” application and check the status of the project. It should be GREEN.

4. Define new “User and Roles”

Under “Project Tree” on the left side of your project
Under “Security settings” menu, go to “Users and roles” and define new User and Password. (You can change the password settings under Security settings>Settings)

Assign all privileges to the admin user.

5. Download your project

Click “Download to Project”
In Load Preview, under “Runtime values”,
Uncheck “Keep current user administration data in runtime” and Load your project.

6. Finally Test Your Design!

After you Log-in, you should be able to simulate your design!

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These questions are aimed to be answered in this post:
- Siemens HMI Simulation does not start
- Siemens Unified Panel login error
- HMI Simulation Incorrect name or password. Try entering your credentials again.
- SIMATIC Runtime Manager status



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